has now closed the greenhouse doors…

Since 2007 we have been supplying Gardeners throughout Europe with new and interesting plants, and helping people have happier gardens.

After 9 years at the helm, the founder of, Matt Hopkins, made the decision to finally close the greenhouse doors to pursue new opportnities. Our last plants and bulbs were sold and shipped in that Spring, with particularly rare specimens being distributed to specialist nurseries and private collections throughout Europe.

Although we have taken on seasonal help to undertake short-term roles and during our busiest periods, most of the day to day roles have been filled by Matt Hopkins, the founder and business owner of

Although Matt is continuing to develop new commercial plant varieties in a smaller capacity (watch this space folks!), his new role will be focused on the development of his new business.

You can find helpful Gardening tips, information, and details of many of the plants we used to grow at